Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Virtual Week

Thanks to this week's snow, our class has been obliged to find its way in today's 'virtual' world -- which in some ways is as klunky and awkward as any Victorian version of the same. Still, we must make the most of the situation -- and so I've placed both the list of early London Panoramas and the excerpt from The First Panoramas online here on our blog (see the right-hand sidebar) where we can peruse them at our leisure. I encourage everyone to comment, both on the Oetterman materials in our first posting, the excerpt from Oleksijczuk's The First Panoaramas, and the selected panorama programmes.

I hope that the forecast for next Monday will be for modest amounts of snow -- modest enough, at least, to enable us to meet in person and continue the lively discussion that I hope will begin in the comments field of these posts; if, on the other hand, the college does close, I will continue to make all our materials available here.

Update: Classes have been cancelled for tomorrow, February 2nd! Watch this space -- I will have a fresh post and some prompts to respond to shortly!

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